V-Twin 32-5119 Unilite Breakerless Ignition System


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Mallory unilite breakerless electronic ignition is a dual fire system. Points are replaced with the E-spark module that comes with a photo coupler, a signal processor and a power switch. Every time the shutter wheel stops the infrared light from reaching the photo coupler, the electronic circuit energizes the ignition coil. When the shutter wheel allows the infrared light to reach the photo coupler, the electronic circuit allows the stored energy in the coil to discharge. Order mechanical advance and coil separately. We recommend ordering a 3.0-4.0 ohm coil. For street and highway use. Fits: XL 1971-2003 FXST 1984-1999 FLST 1986-1999 FXR 1982-1994 FXD 1991-1999 FL 1970-1984 FX 1971-1984 FLT 1980-1999 UOM: 1 - EA 2011 Catalog pages: 259, 618, 904 Order #32-7510 mechanical advance SAV for Harley Davidson Motorcycles
Unilite Breakerless Ignition System