V-Twin 17-1253 Mainshaft Gear Cluster Kit


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V-Twin Motor Shop mainshaft gear cluster assembly fits late 1984-1986 Sportster models. V-Twin Motor Shop mainshaft gear cluster kit includes the assembled mainshaft and washer assortment. Each shaft is assembled with the correct thickness thrust washers and snap ring for proper gear clearance. Includes shaft end play washer assortment for proper end play shimming during installation. Fits: XL 1984-1986 Late 1984 UOM: 1 - KIT Manufacturer: V-Twin 2011 Catalog pages: 804 17-9826 - Transmission Clutch Gear 17 Tooth 17-1122 - 1st Gear Low Mainshaft 27 Tooth 17-1121 - 2nd Gear Mainshaft 23 Tooth 17-1135 - Countershaft Gear Spacer SAV for Harley Davidson Motorcycles
Mainshaft Gear Cluster Kit