Tusk Electronic Power Steering Kit: Fits – Honda Pioneer 500 2015-2017


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The Tusk Electronic Power Steering Kit is a must have for any off-road UTV enthusiast. Each kit is a bolt-on system that reduces steering effort and gets rid of wheel jerk when in rocky or rougher terrains. The motor is speed-sensitive that adjusts to more torque or resistant situations at the wheels. The mount plate positions the motor and steering shafts under the dash for a discrete visibility and no driver interference. All components are sealed to protect against water, dust, and other debris. This complete kit makes it easy to convert your UTV's steering to EPS. When looking for UTV necessities, think Tusk! Bolt in EPS system that reduces steering effort. Diminishes wheel jerk. Powerful 220W Electric motor. Speed-sensitive motor that adjusts to more torque or resistance from the wheels. Kit comes complete with necessary hardware, steering shafts, and wiring harnesses. Sealed components to protect against water, dust, and other debris Clear instructions make installation simple.