RedMax 580357204 OEM MaxLife 2-Cycle Oil 50:1, 5 gal Mix, 13 oz. Pack of 12


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1 bottle to 5 gallons of fuel case of 12 bottles RedMax synthetic blend 2 stroke engine oil was engineered to actively combat the negative aspects of ethanol blended fuel. Its fuel stabilizer additives offer protection against fuel oxidation (gum formation, sour gas) and system corrosion. In addition, this blend was designed to offer complete fuel system detergency allowing easier starts, maximum power output and low smoke and smell. Formulated with premium ingredients to provide the following benefits: maximum lubricity for the ultimate engine protection minimum ring sticking and port blockage for easy starting and extended life ethanol compatible fuel stabilizing additives to help combat corrosion and oxidation caused by ethanol fuels significantly exceeds JASO FD ratings and competition's performance for lubricity and engine protection outstanding detergency, ring zone protection, engine cleanliness, low carbon deposit and varnish control.
13 oz. bottle
13 oz. bottle
50:1 ratio 5 gallon mix