KTM 1290 Super Duke Rear Bag Large 61312928000


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Just another great way to carry your weekend trip items when on your 1290 Super Duke. This is KTM's 1290 Big Rear Bag for the 1290 Super Duke which of course doesn't provide ample storage for a tooth brush. You're going to need enough space to stash away those essentials while riding up the coasts with buddies or your favorite friend. Expandable from 24 Liters to 36 Liters allowing you enough room to safely carry just enough for a weekend getaway. Think of this as a oversized tank bag and you'll get the picture. The bag comes with mounting straps for the pillion or carrier plate attachment. Add to your KTM Side Bag Carrier System and you may just have enough room for all those tickets you've rightfully earned.
2014 1290 Super Duke