Honda XR400 R Mikuni TM36-68 Pumper Performance Carburetor Kit Remote Choke NCS240 by Niche Cycle Supply


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This Honda XR400R 36mm Mikuni carburetor kit is the most significant bolt on performance modification you can provide for your XR400R. The Mikuni accelerator pump equipped carburetor will not only make your XR400 much easier to start but it will also eliminate the annoying flat spot that we are sure you have noticed. Every XR400 seems to suffer from this. Jetting does not play as significant a role as with other non-accelerator pump carburetors. Each carb is pre-jetted for most applications straight out of the box.  We also include 3 additional main jet sizes, as well as 2 pilot jets as optional jetting to ensure you are covered in almost any situation.  We manufacture and install our own aluminum adapters in house for easy installation and a perfect fit.  To make the install even easier, we include a brand new push/pull throttle cables that work with the factory throttle assembly.  The remote choke can be used on any bike, but is particularly useful when the bike has had a larger aftermarket fuel tank installed.  The remote choke allows for easy access to the choke knob when the carburetors cannot be directly reached.

  • Improved cable design with increased length for proper installation with the TM36.  Installs into factory throttle assembly
  • Genuine Mikuni carburetor, and internals
  • Additional jets for performance modifications
  • Our signature Red anodized CNC adapter pre-installed - Made in-house.
  • Remote Choke and bracket

We offer these kits with an on-body choke assembly, or with remote choke setup.  Aftermarket, larger capacity fuel tanks may require the use of a remote choke.  This particular item is with the remote choke setup.