Five Star Marine Outboard Prop Shaft Seal Puller Special Tool Yamaha Mercury Johnson Evinrude


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This was one of my favorite special tools and for pulling prop shaft seals it can't get any easier with this tool. It will fit Yamaha Mercury Evinrude Johnson Suzuki motors from various HPs from 40HP-400HP all of the seal drivers may not fit perfect but the seal pullers is what really matters in this kit because pulling a prop shaft seal without damaging the housing and the shaft is the key to making a good seal. These will also work on pulling other seals as well. Always keep in mind a seal is only as good as the surface is rides on so removing the old seals without gouging the surfaces is a must. A trick to cleaning up the shafts is using a socket adapter on a drill and spinning it while you run very fine emery on the shaft this will debur it and give you a fresh surface also pressing the seals in at a different depth is also very helpful if your shafts have wear grooves in them from hard seals. I originally purchased this kit years and years ago from a OMC dealer going out of business and I always found this to be extremely helpful. They stopped producing this kit probably because it worked too well. The original kit wouldn't work on new style lower units V6 Yamaha Evinrude Mercury etc because the propshaft was too big so I redesigned a new puller head to accommodate newer engines with larger shafts. the spiral pullers are made from Hardened Steel for long term use and durability and this tool kit will pay for itself after 2 jobs and should last a lifetime as long as it doesn't go overboard. This kit is for professionals only (Shops, Dealers, Independents, Mobile Guys) All Sales Final