Aftermarket Assassins Custom Tuned Powervision 3 for 2018 thru 2020 RZR XP Turbo Includes Level 2 and 3 Tunes


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Works with all 2018-20 RZR XP Turbo & Turbo S (Both 2 & 4 Seat Models) Big horsepower gains depending on the level of tune desired Quicker throttle response and power delivery Throttle by wire limiters disabled Tunes will not throw an overboost code Fan on/off at 185 degrees Fahrenheit (190 is stock) Seatbelt limiter disabled Speed limiter removed in low and high gears More throttle and boost in low gear Rev limit at a safe 9200rpm See how to install and use the tuner in this VIDEO No mess of having to send in your ECU & this device is a much safer way of programming. Simply plug in to your Diagnostic port, click tune, wait, and go ride! Very easy to use tuner that can also check and erase most trouble codes Easily data log 32 parameters with 1 push of a button and review on your windows computer later Tuner is updated with the latest firmware to make sure you have a smooth tuning process 1 Tune(along with your stock tune) are included in the initial price. Additional tunes are $50 each. We would highly recommend 2 tunes so you have good options if you run into poorer fuel quality. All tunes level 3 and higher will need the waste gate rod adjusted shorter for maximum power. See this VIDEO on how to adjust it. The Level 1 tune is a modified stock power level tune, but has better boost maps to help keep you in the power. We disable many limiters, up the speed limit, rev limit, and make necessary fuel & timing changes. The 2017 factory tune runs a max of 15-15.5psi of boost, and we keep that in this tune, it's just easier to obtain & maintain that level. The Level 2 tune offers 16-16.5psi of boost and a 10-15rwhp gain. This tune can be used with the stock or aftermarket exhaust. Clutching is highly recommended with this tune, as just tuning the machine will not properly transfer the power to the ground. 91 Octane tune.