Absorb-&-Lock Oil Absorbent – PLP500


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PIG Absorb-&-Lock Oil Absorbent solidifies absorbed oil and locks it into the material for easier cleanup. Permanently solidifies absorbed liquid, won't leak or revert to liquid state when handled or placed under pressure. Allows quick recovery and cleanup; may help you comply with EPA requirements when used to solidify waste prior to shipment or landfilling. This environmentally-friendly product absorbs oils and oil-based liquids, including fuels, solvents and paints (will not absorb water). High BTU value produces less than 0.1% ash content when burned; ideal for fuels blending and incineration. Shaker bottle with handle makes it easy to apply absorbent directly to the spill area. Solidifier, Spill Control - Fluids Absorbed Oil-Based Liquids, Composition Blend of Co-Polymers, Volume Absorbed Per Pkg. 8 gal., Container Size 2 lb., Absorbent - Container Type Bag, Package Quantity 4